I recently started watching VICELAND, the TV channel by Vice. It’s an interesting mix of programming. Vice airs documentary style shows that focus on fringe culture – drugs, disease, travel, crime, technology. It’s a great mix of topics that are looked at in a slightly different way then you’re used to.

So far, I’m invested in 4 shows in particular.

1. Dead Set On Life

Matty Matheson might be my favorite person on TV. He’s a chef who travels around the world (often with his best friend and side-kick Chef Rang) tasting some of the best food and doing some of the best things. It’s like an extremely silly version of Anthony Bourdain.

2. DesusĀ & Mero

Two dudes from New York run through the day’s happenings in a PTI style. Highly entertaining. It’s the perfect example of why I love VICELAND – they cover serious topics and issues, but aren’t so serious with themselves.

3. Vice News Tonight

My absolute favorite place to get my news. No anchors, no bullshit, just the story. They often cover topics that are extremely importantĀ but overlooked by major outlets.

4. Vice Specials

These things are fantastic. Usually under an hour, they cover one-off topics in depth. I just watched one on a company offering near death experiences in South Korea to make customers appreciate life. Super unique, super interesting.


Other Shows I Dig:

Balls Deep, Abandoned, Cyberwar, F*ck That’s Delicious. Check ’em out.


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