Use a Waterpik Everyday

Use a Waterpik Everyday

Experiment: Use a waterpik everyday for one week

Confession: I floss twice a year, and yes it’s at the dentist’s office. I brush my teeth regularly of course,  but getting out the floss every night has always seemed like such a hassle. My brother recently mentioned that flossing can actually extend your life by a few years, so being naturally lazy and knowing my personal hatred for floss, I turned to the internet to find the best alternative.

Enter Waterpik. For 45 bucks I picked one up on Amazon and every night for the past week I’ve added waterpiking(?) to my pre-sleep routine. Warning: check out this YouTube video* that explains how to use a waterpik before you get started,  to avoid turning your bathroom into splash mountain.

Waterpik claims that you will see noticeable results in the first 14 days of use,  but I’m feeling the effects after only one week.  My gums hurt initially after using,  but now my mouth just feels much healthier when I go to bed. Most dentists don’t offer the waterpik as a sole substitution for flossing,  but if you’re like me and not going to floss every night,  it’s a great way to improve your oral health.  And who knows,  maybe flossing everyday for a week will show up on the blog sometime soon…baby steps right?

Do you use a waterpik or floss everyday? Let me know in the comments section.

Up next week: Juicing for one meal every day (Fruits and vegetables, not steroids..)

*How to use a Waterpik to stop gum disease at home


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