Thoughts on Fort Lauderdale

07. January 2017 Thoughts 0
Thoughts on Fort Lauderdale

Yesterday, my home airport was attacked. A young man walked into the baggage claim area at FLL and started shooting people. 

It’s always awful to see these attacks on TV, but I have to admit – it feels more intense when the attack is close to home. 

My business partner and I fly in and out of the terminal where the incident happened every month. I always fly the Minneapolis to Fort Lauderdale route that the attacker came in on. It’s a wake up call that this sort of thing can happen anywhere, at anytime. 

I’ve heard a lot of people talking in the aftermath about what has to be done. Higher security at airports, bans on weapons, I’ve even heard people suggest all out war. 

It’s a very complicated issue – and I don’t have all the answers. But, in my opinion, it seems like more security and more bans are short sighted, reactionary responses. 

This country has a mental health issue that needs to – and can be addressed. 

Obviously there is more to the problem than just access to healthcare. But this seems to be one of the areas of improvement that if we invest in, we can actually make a difference. I think both sides of the aisle agree on this one. 

Everyone focuses on ethnicity and affiliation when these things happen – but poor mental health is the common theme. We need to give everyone access to programs and doctors that can help them get better if we’re going to lessen these attacks. 

Just my 2 cents. 

My thoughts are with all those families who lost loved ones, and those still in hospital fighting for their lives. 

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