Things I’m Loving

10. February 2016 Thoughts 0
Things I’m Loving

Here are 9 things under (or just over) $10 I’m loving right now.

1. Oprah Chai Tea

I stopped putting sweetener and dairy in my coffee last month, AKA I started drinking black coffee. This was a major challenge. While I still drink a cup of coffee once in a while, one of my new discoveries has been Oprah Chai. I slice up some ginger and tumeric, and let it sit with the tea for 2-3 minutes. It’s like a spicy kick in the face (in a good way).

2. Productive (App)

I spoke about Productive in another post, as it’s been a life saver in helping me track my daily tasks. It has a great interface, letting you add tasks and swipe right to mark them done, or left to skip them for the day. Super easy, and if you dedicate yourself to using it, it keeps you super accountable. Super, right? The upgrade to add more than 5 multiple tasks was $3.99 for me – well worth it.

3. Badger Balm

Badger Balm is the bomb. Dry skin? Badger Balm. Lips chapped? Badger Balm. Or my personal favorite – use it for aromatherapy. Just dab a little on your forehead and watch your mood change.

4. Creativity, Inc

A good read for anyone interested in the creative process, movies, or business. Or, if you’re like me and are interested in all 3, a great book. Read the synopsis here.

5. Evernote

I’m using Evernote for everything. I have to admit, it took a bit to get used to, but once I committed I became borderline addicted. It’s the first app I open every morning, and definitely my most used every day. I journal, track my monthly and yearly goals, add to my bucket list, keep track of things to remember, and take notes on any books or articles I’m reading. It’s become an essential part of my day.

6. Movies (The Revenant, Room, 13 Hours)

I haven’t seen a bad flick (in theatres) in a while. I’d highly recommend checking out each of the three movies I mentioned above. All awesome.

7. Strava

A great app for monitoring your running and cycling (not that I’m cycling much). It keeps track of your routes, time, distance, and has a great interface. When choosing an app to track my running I went straight to r/running on Reddit – Strava was the consensus. You gotta trust Reddit.

8. GTs Kombucha

Especially the Passionberry flavor. If you’ve never had Kombucha, it’s a probiotic drink with active cultures in every bottle. It’s expensive, but it gets your gut in check. This is one product you should not order online – it’s actually cheaper at your local grocery store.

9. Coconut Oil

I’ve joined the coconut oil bandwagon. I put a teaspoon in my tea every morning since I’ve stopped drinking so much coffee, adding a bit of healthy fat into my diet that keeps me full until lunch. It’s said to be good for your skin, your brain, and your heart – can’t ask for much more than that.

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