Shows Like Departures Are Why I Love Netflix

Shows Like Departures Are Why I Love Netflix

I love Netflix for all of the regular reasons. I won’t bore you with why it’s great. However, there is one thing in particular I really love about the service – it allows me┬áto discover shows that may not have received their deserved accolades due to airing on small networks.

Case in point for me is Departures. The show aired in 2008 on the Outdoor Life Network in Canada, so it’s understandable why I missed it originally. Netflix picked it up and viewers were quick to give it a five-star rating, which is why it popped into my feed last week. The show chronicles a year long trip taken by the odd-couple hosts of the show (and good Canadian boys) Justin and Scott. The pair travel at a pace and in a style that viewers can relate to, which is what makes the show so great. Unlike most of the glamorized travel shows you’ll find on CNN and the Travel Network, it reminds me of my own travels and makes me feel like an idiot for not being on the road right now.

I watched the whole first season in a week – if you love to travel I’d highly recommend it.

Read more about Departures here, watch the promo below, or check them out on Netflix.

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