Juice Everyday For One Week

Juice Everyday For One Week

The Experiment: Replace one meal with juice every day for one week

I’ve often heard people boast about their love for juicing and how much better it makes them feel, so this week I decided to bite the bullet and buy a juice extractor, along with enough fruits and vegetables to feed a small family of rabbits.

What’s a juice extractor you ask? Basically, it’s a more expensive juicer that actually pulls the fiber out of fruits and vegetables. I found mine on amazon for $120.00, just expensive enough to guilt me into using it every day this week.

I eat a lot of vegetables every day, but admittedly my fruit consumption is extremely low. I saw this week as a good opportunity to get some citrus, antioxidants and other vitamins into my daily life. Here’s what I learned about juicing:

1. Try different combinations.

You’ll love some, you’ll hate others. I tried nearly every fruit and vegetable under the sun. Some pleasant surprises included adding ginger, beets and cucumber, some of the more disappointing included adding lemon and kale (I tried so hard to like kale, just not hipster enough I guess).

2. You need something sweet.

Every juice needs one sweet ingredient, pick one of the following: carrots, beets, apples, pineapple, or any other fruit. I found citrus fruits to not sweeten up the juice as much.

3. Juice extractor’s are messy, but not THAT messy.

Sure there are a lot of parts to the extractor, and yes it takes longer to clean than a blender. But the total time, start to finish, was only about 20 minutes for me. About 10 minutes of juicing, 10 minutes of cleanup. For the amount of time you would spend making a pot of rice, you can have a healthy, and pretty tasty meal.

4. Breakfast is the best-fast.

I juiced at breakfast, lunch, and dinner at different points this week, and breakfast was definitely the optimal time for me. Not only do you absorb more of the nutrients on an empty stomach, but juicing and breakfast just seem to go together in my head. I felt much less sorry for myself drinking juice for my meal at breakfast as opposed to dinner.

All in all, the week wasn’t as rough as I thought it would be. Will I continue to juice every morning? Probably not. But will I still use my juicer a few times a week? Definitely. It’s a great way to get more nutrients into your diet.

A few of my concoctions:

juice everyday for one weekjuice extractor

Next week: exercise for 30 minutes every morning, yikes.

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