India – Day 9 & 10, Jaipur to Goa

06. May 2017 Travel 0
India – Day 9 & 10, Jaipur to Goa
Our plans changed, and honestly, I was kind of excited about it. Instead of Jaisalmer Amanda and I decided to head to Goa for 3 nights. It would be the perfect opportunity to relax and get a little sun.
First, we traveled. We left at 3 pm from our hotel in Jaipur and flew to Mumbai. After a delay and four hours in the airport, we headed to Goa. Our hotel is about an hour from the airport so we arranged transport, and fell asleep quickly.
The next day, we awoke in Goa. We’re staying at a beautiful resort with beach access and a beautiful pool. The hotel is full but for some reason, the pool and beach are completely empty. Indians don’t seem to enjoy the water too much here in Goa. After our delicious breakfast, we spent the morning/afternoon on the beach. They have a beach bar so I had a few Kingfishers (their national beer here in India). We walked up and down the beach as well. It’s very peaceful. Zero water sports or touts hawking goods, just a big empty beach. There aren’t even any other tourists.
We hung out by the pool in the late afternoon which was also deserted. That also surprised me because the pool is big and beautiful. It has a swim up bar so I’ve been happy as a clam today.
We skipped lunch entirely and had dinner at the hotel, then turned in for the evening. So far Goa has been as described: relaxing.

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