India – Day 3, Agra to Delhi

11. October 2016 Travel 0
India – Day 3, Agra to Delhi

Today started at 330am after a 9 hour sleep – yes, we fell asleep at 630pm last night. Jet lag is real. At 6am, we met our guide, Manu, in the lobby of our hotel. We loaded up our bags and headed to the entrance of the Taj Mahal to pick up our tickets. 

After standing in line for 50 minutes, we headed to the entrance. The Taj was much bigger than I anticipated, and didn’t disappoint in grandeur whatsoever. Manu told us all about the history and significance of every detail of the grounds. From the red stones inside the Taj Mahal that light up under black light, to the way the towers are built to keep the main structure in tact during an earthquake. 

We took over 500 photos, and even a few videos (which you aren’t supposed to take withing the grounds – sorry). It was easily one of the most surreal experiences of my life, and it definitely did not disappoint. Here are a few more of my favorite pictures from the morning. 

After touring the grounds, we headed for breakfast at a local restaurant in Agra – Masala Dosa (potato crepes) and Chai. Then we toured the Agra Fort, which is over 2.5 km long. The Fort itself was very impressive – but I have to say it’s hard to compare anything to what we saw in the early morning. 

Following the visit to Agra Fort, we headed across the river to a viewpoint from a local garden. There I finally got my photo (with my finger on top of the Taj). 

Next we headed back to Delhi and relaxed for the evening. More new foods for dinner and another night fighting to stay awake until 9pm. Tomorrow we head to the oldest city in the world: Varanasi. 

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