India – Day 14, Jodhpur to Delhi

05. June 2017 Travel 0
India – Day 14, Jodhpur to Delhi
Today was our last day in India, for all intents and purposes. I woke up at 5 AM to watch the sun come up from the rooftop of our hotel room in Jodhpur, and reflect on the trip a bit. I’ve gained a ton of perspective from India, and am reinvigorated to travel more. It truly is life changing – the world is the best classroom. Amanda wasn’t feeling well and we went for breakfast around 8 AM, then headed to the airport via tuk-tuk.
We flew to Delhi, then hung out at our hotel for the day before heading back to Dehli International Airport to catch our planes back home. India was one hell of a trip – I would highly recommend it to anyone who loves to travel. I don’t necessarily think it’s for the first time traveler, but if you’ve seen a good portion of the world and are ready for another culture shock, give India a try.
It definitely did not disappoint.

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