India – Day 12, Goa to Jodhpur

06. May 2017 Travel 0
India – Day 12, Goa to Jodhpur

Today we caught an early flight from Goa to Mumbai, then from Mumbai to Jodhpur after a short layover. Jodhpur is a really cool city – it has a mix of historic forts and busy streets that make it feel very alive. Our hotel was only three miles from the airport but took half an hour to get to via tuk-tuk. We had to drive through very skinny winding streets to arrive at the Singhvi Hegelian Hotel. The hotel is really cool – it has a very colorful eating room, a funky common area, and our room is enormous. It sits at the top of the hotel and overlooks the entire city. It’s really amazing. There’s also a rooftop bar that’s great for reading in the daytime and having a drink on at night.


After relaxing at the hotel for a bit, we took to the city. We wandered through the skinny alleyways to the Mehrangarh Fort. It’s the best viewpoint of the city, and also the most dominating feature of the city by far. We wandered through the Fort and explored for a few hours before heading out to see the rest of the city.


We walked down from the Fort through the town and made our way to Jodhpur’s famous clock tower. It sits at the center of the city and is surrounded by a large market full of spices, clothing, fruits, and much more. I bought 6 teacups featuring the Taj Mahal for $2 that I’m pretty proud of. Here’s a look at the market.


We tuk-tuk’d home after the market, and had dinner and drinks at the hotel while watching the final US presidential debate. Amanda went to bed after dinner and I hung out on the rooftop for drinks with a new Belgian friend. All in all, I’m really liking this city.

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