How I’m Tracking My Goals

How I’m Tracking My Goals

“I made a resolution to floss, and I did it. 12:01, January first, BAM! Blood everywhere.” -Michael Scott

I had one hell of a January.

After a busy Christmas vacation in Central America, I laid out 7 habits that I wanted to establish for myself in the new year. Now that January has come to a close, I can confidently say that the habits are beginning to stick.

To stay on track, I’ve used two main tools.

1. Evernote – For Goals

Evernote is a digital notebook of sorts that allows me to log anything and everything. I use it to set my measurable goals, for both the year and the month. I find that re-reading my goals for the month regularly allows me to stay focused. Evernote has also become my journal of sorts, which also keeps my priorities at the top of my mind. I spend 10 minutes writing in Evernote every morning, and it’s definitely been the one task that makes all of the other tasks stick.

2. Productive – For Tasks

Productive, on the other hand, I use for general task management. It’s a mobile app that allows you to set daily (or weekly) tasks that you’d like to accomplish. After a few weeks of tracking, you’ll be able to see an overview of days that were perfect, and ones that were not-so-perfect. It’s really a great way to build habits – very similar to the Seinfeld Strategy that James Clear laid out on his blog.

For my goals, I’m going to try to accomplish 6 more things this February (while still continuing my goals laid out in January).

Additional February Goals

1. 16-hour fasting on weekdays (learn more about the 8 hour diet here)

2. Floss every day

3. No nuts all month

4. No sweetener all month

5. Write 4 articles (professionally or personally)

6. Do pushups until fail each morning

So far, the hardest of my goals has been fasting on weekdays. It’s manageable, but since I’ve chosen to only eat between 12-8pm, I’m definitely starving by 11:30am. It’s a mental battle.

What are your goals for February? Tweet at me and let me know!


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