Experiences Over Things: Colorado Ski Trip

09. January 2017 Travel 0
Experiences Over Things: Colorado Ski Trip

I’ve spent every Christmas for the last 28 years with my family. This year, I broke the trend and spent the day with my girlfriend Amanda’s fam. We had a great day and had a white Christmas in Vancouver instead of a palm tree Christmas in Florida. 

Since my family would be apart for the day, we decided to get together after Christmas. We abstained from gift giving this year and everyone flew into Colorado for 5 days to do some skiing. 

10 people seems like a lot under one roof, but we made it work. We skied and partied for 4 days straight – most of the group managed to get 3 days on the hill. I skied Vail the first day, which was beautiful. It reminds me a lot of Whistler. The day pass was definitely pricey and lunch was similarly expensive, but the skiing was great. Relatively quick lines and good snow. 

I also skied Copper Mountain – Colorado is great if you like options. There are literally mountains everywhere. We stayed in Silverthorne which was within 30 minutes of at least 5 major mountains. Copper was half the price of Vail and was also great skiing – some of my brothers actually preferred it to Vail. 

We were in Silverthorne for New Years Eve, and had a party at the Airbnb. All in all it was an awesome idea. I much prefer the travel instead of gifts Christmas present. Maybe we’ve started a new tradition. 

Here’s a few more photos from the trip. Amanda and I at dinner after a long day of skiing, a sunset at Arapahoe Basin, and Amanda posing at a scenic exit on the way back to Denver. 

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