Ditch New Year’s Resolution Day Has Passed

21. January 2017 Thoughts 0
Ditch New Year’s Resolution Day Has Passed

January 17th.

That’s annual “Ditch New Year’s Resolution Day.” It’s the day many people decide to stop bettering themselves and go back to the status quo.

Not me. I’m reinvigorated.

I wanted to run a mile every day, and I’m upping the ante. I’m going further and walking after. I’m meditating daily. I’m adding more time into learning a second language, now trying to log 30 minutes a day. I’m writing a blog post or more every day. I’m reading books (finished two already) and listening to audiobooks as well. I’ve already been featured in a major publication (Fast Company), and I’m trying to get featured on more. I’ve done one weekly challenge, and cooked two new meals for my cooking challenge.

I want to keep pushing. I’m adding intermittent fasting into my diet, while simultaneously limiting my carbs to less than 50 grams per day. I’ll report back on all of these things in the coming days.

I’m not going to settle this year. I want 2017 to be a year of action, full of self-improvement. So far, it’s been a good start.

Don’t ditch your New Year’s resolutions. Add to them, tinker, and keep improving.

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