6AM Workout Everyday

6AM Workout Everyday

The Experiment: Do a 6am Workout Everyday for One Week

I workout 2-3 times a week, but really wanted to see that number increase. My typical routine is a 40 minute workout in the evening, followed up by a 30 minute cardio session around my neighborhood. It’s not bad, but I know I could do more. So last week I decided to set my alarm clock for 6AM, get out of bed and do an hour workout every day.

6am workout

One of the major differences I noticed was how great I felt all day. I usually workout after work, which is great some days but awful others. When I set the alarm for 6AM and forced myself out of bed and into a workout, there was no debating. It was just part of a routine that I had to follow.

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While I don’t plan on getting up early on weekends to work out anymore, I’m going to continue to get up early on weekdays. Not only is it healthy and all that jazz, my productivity at work is through the roof. I’m not sure if it’s the workouts (I think that I’m actually just the type of person who’s more productive in the morning), but getting to work an hour early has made me way more sharp throughout the day – an awesome surprise from this week.

The last thing I’ll mention that I’ve been doing is setting an alarm clock to get ready for bed. I’m the type of person who will stay up and watch Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel, and having to get up at 6 has really forced me to shut off the lights and go to sleep. I would highly suggest picking a time an hour before you want to fall asleep, and set an alarm to remind yourself – it helped me a ton.

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