My 2018 Bucket List (A Work In Progress)

My 2018 Bucket List (A Work In Progress)

The year has almost come and gone, and I’m finding myself inspired to start early on my 2018 bucket list. The past year has been extremely successful for me – I’ve managed to knock off two terrible habits that were greatly affecting my life, traveled extensively, and have achieved a lot on a professional level. Looking back on 2017 makes me smile.

When I think about the year to come, I get excited.

I want to do a lot. Here’s my 2018 bucket list.

1. Run 365 miles, total

2. Implement a low-inflammation lifestyle

3. Do 10 pull-ups consecutively

4. Use sauna 3x per week

5. Lose 20 lbs

6. Write 52 blogs on 52 Week Blog

7. Ski 10+ days this ski season (2017-2018)

8. Do five new hikes

9. Travel to Vietnam

10. Complete a half marathon


Updates to come.

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